White Rhino meets Purple Haze

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White Rhino meets Purple Haze

Post  White Rhino on Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:37 pm

It is a dark night... You watch as people in dark black clothing rush around from store to alley as the streets seem to be extremely busy... Snowflakes from the sky are falling upon the faces of the unmasked children on the streets trying to make a few dollars... As, you notice across the block five men following a frightened young lady... You know you are supposed to be somewhere at this exact moment however you feel you should investigate the frightened woman... As, you cross the street in haste almost getting ran over by a 2002 honda civic... The driver leaves the car and you showing him no attention continue to walk towards the crowd... The woman turns the corner as the men do the same and after a few moments you hear screaming... You begin to rush around the corner only to notice the men standing over the woman beating her and attempting to snatch off her clothes... You quickly push off one of the men as you go to comfort the woman...

"You need to back off..."

The men simply stare with cold eyes... No talking... No signs of remorse... as one of the men pull out a 9mm handgun and point it at your face... Your heart begins to pound... The men begin to laugh... You must think fast... You have a flash back from the slave pens... You remember fighting your way out... You remember the combat experience you have and with little hesitation you quickly turn the tables snatching the gun off the man and without thought you pull the trigger blowing the mans brain to pieces... The rest of the man lost in confusion and fear now take off leaving you alone with the female target, the dead man, and the killer which is yourself... The female simply begins to cry..."

Female: "Thank you so much... I don't know what I would have done without..."

"Hold that thought... I'm late for something..."

Female *Looking stunned.* " Late for what?"

"Come with me if you want to know... I have little time to explain."

You begin to rush down the alley and back into the street as the woman follows you... You notice the woman still following you as you take a short pause...

"What's up?"

Woman: "You in me..."

You begin to laugh as you know where this is going...

"Give me your name and your number and I will call you later... I might be able to give you some work as well..."

The female writes down her number followed by her name... "Purple Haze."

"Ok... I will call you later until then deuces..."

You then take off into the dark night.

White Rhino

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