The Cops deliver a package

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The Cops deliver a package

Post  shadowcallahan on Sat Dec 19, 2009 6:54 pm

*Police sirens are heard as a squad car pulls up into the parking lot. The camera was out having a cigarette when he noticed and decided to film. The Squad car stops and police exit from the back.

Police 1: Bring that sack of crap out!

??: Hey! Let go of me you donut eating sack of bacon! Hey stop that!

*The Police throw Shadow Callahan from the back of the car

Shadow: AHH! I think you just broke my spirit. AHH yep i dont think im having kids now.

*Shadow rolls up in a ball as it appears he damaged his nuts

Police 2: We didnt even use force.

Shadow: No I landed on a can of beer and damage the belushi brothers.

*Police 1 searches Shadow and takes the beer

Shadow: No! for the love of Jebas, don't take it! its my last beer!

*The police throw it in the bin. Shadow appears to be crying

Shadow: Why did you do this? i did nothing to you.

Police 1: You urinated in a church confessional, assaulted an elderly woman and stole a homeless man's coat.

Shadow: Ok i remember the church and the homeless man but i didnot assault an old lady. It was self defence!

Police 2: If you weren't who you are, you would be in jail right now.

Shadow: Really? Sweet! Can you remove this cuffs? I need to go check to see if i am peeing blood.

*Police man 2 removes the handcuffs and helps Shadow to his feet.

Shadow: Now i will see you pigs later. Keep it cooking, you bacon son of a mothers!

*The Cops enter the squad car and leave the premises. Shadow walks over to a box beside the door and removes a 6 pack of beer.

Shadow: (Shouts) Suckers!

*Shadow begins to run as the police begin to chase him.

Shadow: I was framed! Call my mama, tell her i need money!

*The camera fades to black as Shadow and the police leave the view of the camera


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