First Act Of War

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First Act Of War

Post  White Rhino on Tue Dec 22, 2009 5:07 pm

It's the night before Christmas yet to you it means nothing... You are alone meditating as you run... Trying to discover the unknown world... Since, your capture you have forgotten the true meaning of life... You have lost your way... Lost all remorse for mankind... Your only goal is to destroy the man in which shows you doubt.

"I have no chance for the title... There is no way I can win... This man... This gladiator Cash Conners has more experience... He is smarter... Faster... and, stronger then I am at this time..."

Your running the dark streets wearing all black attire as snowflakes brush your skin with each step you take. You notice the shady buildings in which seem to attract shadier men... you notice woman on the corner selling there bodies trying to make a quick dollar just hoping to survive... Hooded men on the corner posted up selling drugs trying to make a living in these hard times...

"This world is filled with such evil... In a way mankind is similar to the slaves in the cells I have escaped... They are slaves of there own greed... Selling themselves as the slave masters once sold me... I don't understand this..."

You continue to rush through he streets as you take a sharp turn down a dark alley.

"This man... Cash Conners has set his mind clear... He is influenced and poisoned by the greed of man... This is more then a title... As, I know my chance of winning is none... I shall make him pay however... Make him regret holding the title... the gold... the greed of all mankind on his shoulders..."

You are now halfway down the alley as you notice dogs barking and growling at you... only cut off by the fences in which separate the alleys from the homes of the streets.

"I fear no man? He states... Only if he knew... My man hood has been stolen in those cells... I am no man... as, man shows emotion... The years I have been punished have taken my soul from me... Man has soul... Yet... Cash Conners fears no man? He is no different then the men who captured and sold me many years back."

You now come to a complete stop as you exit the alley staring at a large Arena. The environment around the arena is a complete turn around then the previous location... The people here seem to have more class, more life, and more respect for themselves and each other.

"These people are the same as all man... Next week... I make my stand... I have no chance but I don't need any... I don't need a title... I don't need my hand raised... My goal is simply to punish Cash Conners... It will be my first attack on mankind."

The cameras now fade away as you watch White Rhino walking into the large crowd into the arena.

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