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Shogun predicts the future

Post  Shogun on Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:36 am

The lights go out in the arena as Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria hits the speakers.

Rin:It looks like Shogun is here with the right theme music to.

Roxanne:Good he must be normal now...I still cant get over what he did to RDJ last week did you know that RDJ is still in the hospital after what happened?

After a moments wait a bolt of lightening hits the entrance ramp causing a wall of fire to burst from the entrance ramp causing the lights to turn on in the arena.
Shogun can be seen walking through the flames to the ring wearing his normal wrestling attire and a Shogun T-Shirt with the words Demonic God on the back.
When Shogun makes it in to the ring he grabs a mic and signals for the music to stop playing.

Shogun:I am sure all of you saw the show last week which means you all saw what I did to RDJ in the hardcore match.

The crowd cheers in approval

Shogun:In case you were watching some other show last week Red Dragon Junior kidnapped Anne Marie and proceeded to humiliate her with me watching to "Hype me up"...Well what happened was he pissed me off!

The crowd cheers some more

Shogun:That stupid child picked the wrong man to anger because...No I think I will show you what happened to RDJ instead of telling you.

The Thorn Tron turns on and shows a clip from the hardcore match between RDJ and Shogun

Once in the ring RDJ sets up the table and picks Shogun up but Shogun pokes RDJ in the eyes and pushes him into the corner Shogun then maneuvers RDJ around and climbs onto the turnbuckle where he pulls RDJ up into a powerbomb position then he drops down driving RDJ through the glass table!

Shogun picks RDJ up and puts him into a front facelock then Shogun quickly Drops back into the glass snapping RDJs head into the shards of broken glass hitting The Darkness effect!

Shogun goes for the pin and the ref starts counting 1...2...3!

The Thorn tron shuts off to the cheers and groans of the fans

Shogun:That is what happens to people who cross the Demonic God...

Shogun:I am the single most hardcore individual in BTWE history no man nor woman will ever be able to stop me no matter what they do to me or to Anne...all RDJ succeeded in doing when he provoked me through Anne is making me more determined to destroy him which I did...he is still in the hospital recovering from the injuries he received from the match!

The crowd starts chanting Sho`s gonna kill you loudly

Rin:Shogun really did destroy RDJ last week though I don't understand how he could not feel remorse about it.

Shogun:Though I must now turn my attention to a more important matter that needs to be addressed here tonight.

The crowd quiets down to listen to what shogun has to say

Shogun:Tonight I will be fighting against Stone Cold Gary Barnes...A man who lost to Cash Connors for the Silver Thorn Title.
Well tonight he will lose to the Demonic God as well and I will prove to the world that I have what it takes to be the Black Thorn Champion!

Shogun:Our top belt if held by an unworthy man and his challenger is someone who deserves it far more than he does.
However neither of them will be able to stop me when I get my shot at the belt no Joe Bow is to cowardly and weak to put up a fight against someone such as myself and Raven Connoly is just a young up and comer who has much to learn before she should even be thinking about winning the Black Thorn belt...If you does win congratulations to you Raven though I do not think you will have long to celebrate...because I will have that title in the near future and if I must go through you to get it than so be it...

Shogun:The Demonic God has spoken

The lights go out in the arena and when they turn on Shogun is gone

Rin:Strong words from Shogun tonight!

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