Susan and Zorax backstage pre-show

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Susan and Zorax backstage pre-show

Post  Zorax on Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:09 am

The show kicks off backstage, where we see a flustered Zorax running around, holding a clipboard and barking orders at the backstage crew, trying to get things organised for tonight's show...
Zorax: Alright, you! The one with the blonde hair! I need someone to ensure the BTWE Merchandise Stalls are already set up, grab that guy there with the sunglasses and go check that out. In the meanwhile, you three! Go help the medical staff, they need a few extra hands, apparently some fights broke out between the fans some moments ago. And Lance Rogers...WHERE THE HELL IS LANCE ROGERS!!!
Lance: Uh, right here boss...
Zorax: Get out of my sight, you're fired.
Zorax storms through a nearby door and down a long hallway. We hear a voice call after him
???: Zorax, Zorax!
Zorax stops and turns around

Zorax: Oh hey Suze! What's up?

We see Susan running after Zorax, smiling

Susan: I'm on the card for tonight!

Susan jumps in Zorax's arms, causing him to drop the clipboard.

Zorax: Woah! Hey, yea, I knew about that. I was supposed to tell you, jeesh, I can't believe I forgot!

Susan: It doesn't matter, I just found out. I'm making my debut tonight! Against Sommerland! I'm so excited!

Zorax: Haha, so am I!

Susan: And you will be there supporting me from ringside, right?

Zorax: Umm, about that. I can't make it. I'm up to my knees in work here, I've got no time to spare...

Susan's smiles turns to a frown, and she steps away from Zorax

Susan: That's been your excuse for the whole week.

Zorax: But it's true! I honestly have no idea how Red Dragon used to run this show without me! If it's not getting the arenas set up and the show dates confirmed, it's getting it ring crew to show up to work on time, or making sure the tickets have the right times published on them, or hiring an opening act for the show, or making sure the tryouts and dark matches are done before the show, or that the paperwork is all...

Susan: Okay, okay, I get it...

Susan puts her arms around Zorax and kisses him on the cheek

Susan: Relax. I'll be fine without you, you handle your work. Just wish me luck.

Zorax: Good luck dear, and let me know how it goes. I don't think I'll be able to catch it from backstage, I'll be in a meeting with a few of the pyro-technicians.

Susan: That's no problem, you probably would have been a distraction anyways...

Susan winks at Zorax, and as Zorax's phone begins to ring...

Zorax: Oh...I have to take this. Sorry.

Susan frowns, and the sighs

Susan: It's okay, I have to go get ready anyways. Cya.

Zorax: Bye, and good luck again dear. Although trust me, I've seen Sommer in action, you don't need it.

Zorax winks at Susan and answers the phone, while Susan chuckles and heads off to the locker rooms.

To be added as early in the show as possible. Sorry for the delay in getting this in.


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Re: Susan and Zorax backstage pre-show

Post  Sommerlund on Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:30 pm

Zorax wrote:Susan: It doesn't matter, I just found out. I'm making my debut tonight! Against Sommerland! I'm so excited!

WHAT (rage)


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