Someones at Red Dragons office door

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Someones at Red Dragons office door

Post  The Creater of Greatness on Mon Jan 04, 2010 1:29 am

*As the camera fades in you see Red Dragon Sr. in a nice black suit sitting at his desk caught off guard by the knock. He doesn’t seem to be expecting anyone. Bang, Bang, Bang, the door is knocked on harder. Red Dragon with a look of unhappiness on his face looks up to the door.*

RD: Who the hell is banging on my damn door? Come in!!!

*The door swings open quickly and you see a very unhappy Cash Conners standing in the door way in a green and white striped polo with blue jeans and his title on his shoulder*

RD: Our Silver Thorn Champion what can I do for you.

*As Red Dragon gets comfortable in his chair again, Cash come a little closer but doesn’t sit. He just stands there starring at the GM.*

RD: Well Cash what is it?

*Cash Stands there just look at Red Dragon as if he wanted to jump over the desk at him*

Cash: You don’t know, you are the one who started the talk of it.

RD: Cash why don’t you sit down and let’s see what that problem is.

*Cash walks over as if he is going to sit down then stops and continues to stand*

Cash: I am not in the mood to sit down. Why is it that I have to hear about a Champion vs. Champion match at the PPV from a
2 bit retard on a television screen.

*Red Dragon kind of chuckles at what he hears*

Cash: It’s nice to see you have a sense of humor, but this isn’t funny to me. This Justin Capable or as I have started to call him, the man who has no common sense yet still was able to get talent in this sport. You put me in a match for the big dog against a man who talks to ducks in a bathroom.

*Red Dragon just sits there listening to Cash go on and on about how he is pissed about who he has to face. Red Dragon then finally hears enough and begins to speak*

RD: Cash Conners, your ego is getting in the way of what is at hand here. You have the chance to become the youngest to hold Gold and Silver title at the same time. You could have another title to go around your other shoulder.

*Cash bring his right arm up to touch the Silver Thorn title and looks at Red Dragon and just smiles*

Cash: Damn, you know what you are right. I once again have a chance to show the world how good I am.

*Red Dragon begins to laugh at the quick change in Cash’s mood*

Cash: Okay Boss, you got a match if it goes that way. Just tell the Gold champion not to get to use to wearing my second belt. I don’t care how talented he is.

*Cash pauses as he catches his breath*

Cash: He may have a messed up sense of humor with that Christmas skit, which I did find funny. But now I will show him the same treatment I showed Gary Barnes and your son Red Dragon Jr. I will have no mercy when that bell rings. He may have talent and he may be the top dog. Come PPV I will show the world I am the greatest BTWE has ever seen.

*After Cash says this he turns around and walks right out of Red Dragons office. All Red Dragon can do is smile as he thinks how much he reminds him of himself at that age*

*Camera fades out*
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