Face messed up

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Face messed up

Post  The Hitman Chirs on Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:37 pm

A car appears then the door opens with the hitman chirs with a eye patch while his mouths coved with a doctor on his side

Doctor:I don't think you should be able to compete tonight against shogun.

The Hitman Chirs:I can compete with anyone, including chris storm again. Not only I got a fight tonight in have a iron men match the next week after that at the PPV!!!

Doctor:I don't think you can fight that iron men match to because your face is messed up when I say messed up I mean dis functional.If you know what I mean?

The Hitman Chirs:Ha ha, look like the fake doctor has jokes while you laughing carry my bags.

The Hitman Chirs and doctor turns the corner into a room and runs into Chris Roy

Chris Roy:Chirs I finally get to meet you I heard some many horrible story.So hows you doing after that crimson mask Chris storm gave you?

The Hitman Chirs:You all think your funny after tonight no one will be mocking me!!So tell me this Chris Roy why haven't I ever heard of you interviewing anyone else but me?Is it because you suck at your job or is it that Tory and Anne is just better then you?So next time you talk to me about my face how about you get your job in order because I can tell you this that you'll never be good as them both.

Chris Roy walks away from the Hitman Chirs in anger

Doctor:Wow you have anger problems you wont me to talk to you about it because I'm a doctor?

The Hitman Chirs walks away from the doctor

:Not my fault your face is like that.
The Hitman Chirs
The Hitman Chirs

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Re: Face messed up

Post  KamiKazie44 on Wed Jan 06, 2010 3:51 pm

added to 4th show.


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