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Post  Gamafuki on Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:00 pm

Red Dragon is sitting in a large leather chair in his office. He picks up an issue of Black Thorn Wrestling Entertainment Magazine and begins to read. He chuckles a bit before he is disturbed by the sound of his office phone. He puts down the magazine and clears his throat as he turns on the speaker phone. He answers with an angered tone.

Red Dragon : Hello , who is this? I’m very busy right now and I don’t want to be disturbed.

Contractor : This is Dan Taylor , the contractor you hired for that little construction job you needed done.

Red Dragon looks relieved as he continues the phone call.

Red Dragon : Sorry , I thought you were that worthless son of mine. Go on , did you get the job done quickly?

Contractor : Yes boss , we were done before noon. Me and the boys wanted to ask you a question though.

Red Dragon : And what would that be Dan?

Contractor : Well, do you really dislike this fellow? Because it seems like you do.

Red Dragon : Its really not any of your business. You do the work , I pay you. Though I guess you’re a nobody anyways so I’ll humor you. I just want to discourage him a bit. Teach him a little lesson about respect.

Suddenly Red Dragon’s phone call is cut short by another phone call.

Red Dragon : I’ll talk to you later Dan. I have another call waiting.

Red Dragon answers the other call. Red Dragon Jr is on the other end of the line laughing hysterically.

Red Dragon Jr : Ha , ha, ha. Hey there , I just thought you would like to know you might be riding home in a compact tonight.

Red Dragon face become red as he furiously tries to continue the conversation.

Red Dragon : What? What do you mean? What have you done this time? Tell me now!

Red Dragon Jr : I hope your not trying to blame me for this. I did not do anything, at least not this time.

Red Dragon : Then Explain yourself now!

Red Dragon Jr : I think it was that new guy. He plowed into the back of your car. I don’t know , Gramafaki , Gomafuka , or something. Hold on a minute. What a noob , it written on the side of his truck. Its says Gamafuki. That’s it Gamafuki.

Red Dragon : Oh my . . . Well get over there and figure out what’s going on if you want to figure out whats going on?

Red Dragon quickly leaves his office. The scene cuts to the parking lot as Red Dragon Jr and a camera crew head toward where Red Dragons car use to be. Security and arena personnel have surrounded Gamafuki’s truck. Red Dragon Jr pushes the security away then begins to talk to Gamafuki.

Red Dragon Jr : Come on out Gamafuki. Please will everyone stand back and give us some room. Its clear Gamafuki.
Gamafuki : I could take them all on anyways I don’t need your help I was just letting this song finish.

Gamafuki jumps out of his truck to speak with Red Dragon Jr. He closes his truck door and stomps out a cigarette. Then he approaches Red Dragon Jr smiling.

Gamafuki : Yeah , well you must be here because you like this parking spot as well.

Red Dragon Jr : Yeah , I wish. But Red Dragon wanted me to figure out why you did this.

Gamafuki : I guess if you asking , I’ll tell you. I was driving to my parking spot as I noticed it was not there anymore. It looks like somebody had dug it up. All that was left was a little sign that said it was moved into the public parking. I went looking for it and I found the asphalt and dirt in the public parking out front. So , I drove back around here and looked for a new spot. I figured since the boss moved my spot , I would move his . . . to directly in front of my new one.

Red Dragon Jr : As funny as that sounds , he is very angry. He may be here any minute , so you better leave.

Gamafuki : I’m not afraid , let him come. That will give us a chance to talk since he has not given me the time of day yet. Now he has to come to me , instead of me going to him.

As Gamafuki was talking Red Dragon show up behind him unnoticed. Red Dragon Has a angered smirk on his face as he confronts Gamafuki.

Red Dragon : Oh really , was that you plan all along?

Gamafuki turns around with a surprised look on his face , though holds his ground.

Gamafuki : Hey there boss. Look , I did not come here to get into a parking lot brawl. I came here to wrestle , so if you don’t mind I’m going inside to wait an eternity for one of those.

Red Dragon : Whatever are you talking about Gamafuki? You think I’m mad. Heavens no. You did not total my car.

Gamafuki looks puzzled as he stutters a response.

Gamafuki : What? Your not making any sense Red Dragon.

Red Dragon : See Gamafuki , that was not my car. I had Edgardo park in my spot tonight because I knew you would try something like this. This is just how I said you were. Your lack of respect and anger make you very predictable. Your also wrong about waiting for a match. I've scheduled a match for you and Edgardo to discuss why you totaled his car. Though I’m sure once he finds out about this you won’t have to wait until the ring. Anyway I’m very busy so I’ve got to get back to business. Good luck with that fight tonight.

Red Dragon leaves Gamafuki with a very puzzled forgiving look on his face. Red Dragon Jr then walks away holding his laughter as Gamafuki just stands there contemplating how he should get his revenge.


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Post  KamiKazie44 on Wed Jan 06, 2010 3:42 pm

added to 4th show


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