End of rival

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End of rival

Post  The Hitman Chirs on Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:11 pm

The lights turn off an the Hitman Chirs comes down the ramp with a hit for life on his back t-shirt and with him a water boy with his it's Chirs not Chris t-shirts on

The Hitman Chirs:Wow it's finally my time to end my rivalry with that obnoxious guy named ed. I think these be clause for a party!!! Wait a minute I don't like one of you all so why should I party with you all?

Then he looks at the water boy an gives him a hand shake

The Hitman Chirs
:I rather party with them then you water boy, but for today I give you something. Close your eyes an you see.

The water boy then close his eyes, then moments later opens them an with a furious punch in the face the water boy falls down an the crowds chants you suck

The Hitman Chirs:Well did I give him something like I said I was?
He had it coming anyway I got tired hitting on the producers.
So how I talk about my history in BTWE? On the second week I made my debut also weeks on I face ed ,and more. Chris storm my had one last time but it's not the last he see of me!!! Last week I defeated shogun, tonight I'll make history with the first iron men match ever!!! So after this I wont my respect!!! An I will get it so get ready for the Hitman from Hell because I bring ruthlessness to BTWE season two!!!

Then walks out the ring to the ramp and looks back at the crowd while they chant boooo while the water boy lays down on the ground
The Hitman Chirs

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