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Post  The Hitman Chirs on Fri Jan 08, 2010 7:45 pm

A knock on the door of The Hitman Chirs locker room

The Hitman Chirs:If that's anyone else who has a word to say about my actions tonight go to hell.

Anne Marie:No its me Chirs, is it OK if I get a quick interview with you?

The Hitman Chirs opens the door for Anne Marie and she steps in side

The Hitman Chirs:So what you wont to talk about? Because I'm getting ready to beat up on ed tonight.

Anne Marie:I wont to talk to you about what you said earlier tonight about your respect and how you are going to do tonight.

The Hitman Chirs:OK lets start.

Anne Marie:So how you think your match going to be like tonight?

The Hitman Chirs:I think tonight I going to go out there an make ed pay. Also Red is going to give me what I wont the most, an every dume ass on there couch watching my every move better respect to.Because Next season is my time!!! Not time era, It's the era of The Hitman Chirs.Other words know as The Hitman From Hell!!!

Anne Marie:Your confident in that I hope it is because someone with your talent deserves to be the top dog.I got one more question for you Chirs.

Anne pauses to catch a breath

Anne Marie:What is your reaction from people calling you just a jobber?

The Hitman Chirs looks furious at Anne while she back up

The Hitman Chirs:Jobber, does it look like I care? Because let me get one thing start after tonight I wont be jobber I going to make sure I wont be a jobber!!! I'll be the main evener of BTWE after tonight so Anne tell Red, Chris,Shogun,Ed an every damn person in this company today who thinks I'm a jobber!! Because everyone starts from somewhere and I had to start with a bunch of idiots who don't know talent when they see it.

Anne Marie:Thanks for your time Chirs I hope you the best for the future.

The Hitman Chirs:OK, now get out before I have to take you out!!

Anne leaves out The Hitman Chirs looker room
The Hitman Chirs
The Hitman Chirs

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Lucky day for you Empty Re: Lucky day for you

Post  KamiKazie44 on Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:26 pm

With some work it will be used Smile just grammar editing Razz

Just need you to re-sign so we can use you in the ppv for your iron man match Smile


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