Gamafuki & Matt Massacre meet backstage.

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Gamafuki & Matt Massacre meet backstage.

Post  Gamafuki on Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:48 pm

A group of camera men follow Matt Massacre to a locker room marked Gamafuki. Matt Massacre knocks on the locker room door three times then wait. He knocks three more times and shouts.

Matt Massacre : Hey , you in there Gamafuki?

Matt Massacre continues to wait anxiously. Finally , he gets tired of waiting and cautiously opens Gamafuki’s locker room door. Matt Massacre peaks around the edge of the locker room door scanning the room for Gamafuki. He finds him sitting across the room in a leather chair adjacent to a plasma television , and connected to a Z Square 180 Gaming System. Gamafuki’s eyes are locked on the screen as he spouts random insults at the television. Before Matt Massacre can say anything Gamafuki throws down his controller and turns his attention to Matt Marshall.

Gamafuki : Man , I was just one win away from the championship too . . .

Matt Massacre : Really? I don’t mean to interrupt , but do you mind I ask what game you were playing?

Gamafuki : Oh , it was just BTWE 2010. By far one of my favorite games , and I can not wait until next years game. But back to what I was saying before , I was just one fight away from the championship before you walked in. I’ve gotten so far in this game , I’m almost a championship , unlike in real life.

Matt Massacre : Yeah , yeah , that’s cool. Do you have anything to drink here?

Gamafuki stands up and walks over to a mini fridge. He pulls out two ice cold beers , then approaches Matt Massacre. He opens both the beers and hands one to Matt Massacre. Gamafuki takes a sip then smiles at Matt Massacre as he continues the conversation.

Gamafuki : So , what can I do for you.

Matt Massacre : Well , it looks like you finally got an upgraded locker room.

Gamafuki : Yeah , its cool. Most of it I brought from home , even the name plate on the door. I had the name plate custom made.

Matt Massacre : Okay , man they really need to give you a break. Oh , and how’s your truck? I heard it got towed.

Gamafuki : Yeah , while I was in that match with that masked weirdo. I got it back the next day. At no cost I must say , because I put the moves on the very attractive woman guarding the impound lot.

Matt Massacre : Yeah right , that reminds me. I just wanted to tell you that I’m not holding back tonight. We have known each other a long time , so I know there will be some tension. But we should try to have the best match we can ever have. I don’t want you to hold back either , the fans deserve a great fight.

Gamafuki : That’s fine with me Matt.

Gamafuki and Matt Massacre raise their beers and tap them together. Then they both start to chuge them down. Gamafuki finishes his beer , smashes the can in his hand , and throws it over his shoulder. Gamafuki starts walking toward the locker room door then stops midway.

Gamafuki : See yourself out when your done here. And Matt . . . ?

Matt Massacre : Yeah Gamafuki?

Gamafuki : I’ll see you in the ring!

Gamafuki leaves his locker room. Matt Massacre stands there starring off camera as he finishes his beer.


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I want to know what you think matt...

Post  Gamafuki on Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:53 pm

... also , what else can we do. Just call me so we can coordinate our effort.


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