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The Boss checking in Empty The Boss checking in

Post  KamiKazie44 on Tue Jan 12, 2010 3:34 am

The Thorn-Tron turns on as Red Dragon is sitting in his office, smiling he throws his hands in the air and drops them fast.
Red Dragon: Hello BTWEers! How you all enjoying the show so far?!
You can hear the screams from the fans as they chant the name.
Red Dragon: Ahh, can't complain huh. Well I got only one little change to the show. I want to change the main event. So now, Raven Connoly will face so and so in the co main event. Justin Capable and Cash Conners will hit off the Champ vs Champ match in the main event tonight! After all, that has two titles on the line. It can't get any bigger than that ending!
Rin: The show has been great so far, and even if he didn't change it, it would of been a hell of a ending!
Roxanne: Well, he figures the crowd will love both titles on the line in the last match of the night. Which I can't disagree with. That is a huge match.
Red Dragon: hope you all enjoy the rest of the show! Next up, Shogun vs Brenden Reigns!


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