Matt Massacre asks Roxanne to a date

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Matt Massacre asks Roxanne to a date

Post  Matt_Massacre on Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:57 pm

“Feuer frei” by Rammstein blast through the stadium's speakers as Matt Massacre walks out from the back. Matt Massacre walks down the ramp and stops at the announcer's table, where he grabs a mic and looks at Roxanne.

Matt Massacre: Why hello there. How are you today Roxanne?

Roxanne: I'm go-

Matt cuts her off mid-sentence

Matt: That's just wonderful, glad to hear. Now I know you're not too fond of me, but I'm quiet fond of you. How would you like to make a bet with me?

Roxanne: Cut to the point, we have a show to do.

Matt: If I win my match tonight with Gamafuki, you have to go on a date with me on the next show. What do you say?

Roxanne: I've seen Fuki fight and I've seen you fight, with a doubt Fuki will whip your ass.

Matt: Is that a yes?

Roxanne: That's a hell yes.

Matt: See you next week, babe.

Matt moves in to kiss Roxanne, but she dodges it.
Matt starts heading towards the ring to start the match, then he turns around and winks at Roxanne, before sliding under the ropes.

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