Red Dragons stipulation for Gamafuki

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Red Dragons stipulation for Gamafuki

Post  Gamafuki on Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:47 pm

Red Dragon’s entrance music begins to play as Gamafuki and Matt Massacre stand in adjacent corners of the ring. Red Dragon walks out from backstage and stands tall at the beginning of the ramp. Gamafuki and Matt Marshall both stand eagerly awaiting what Red Dragon has to say. Red Dragons music fads as he begins to speak.

Red Dragon : Well , that’s real touching Matt. Finding love within this industry is very rare. Usually relationships are forbidden in the work place but this match is just to interesting. I would really like to see how it turns out. That is if you even get that date anyways.

Roxanne : Wow , even the boss is interested in this deal. I not sure whether I should be flattered that this has become a bigger deal than I had intended.

Rin : I thought it was Matt that approached you. Your even more self centered than I thought.

Red Dragon : Though , this is not the reason I came out before your match. I wanted to add one more stipulation to the match tonight. And since Matt has one already , I am giving one to Gamafuki.

Rin : This should be very interesting due to the tension between Red Dragon and Gamafuki.

Roxanne : Yeah , I’d say it has been building since day one. Though Red Dragon says its for Gamafuki’s own good.

Red Dragon : Since you decided to raise hell in my parking lot last week , I've gotten a few complaints from some of the other wrestlers. Some say I should dock your pay , and other say I should fire you. Should I take their advice? Not likely , because if I docked your pay or fired you it would not teach you that leason you desperately need. Instead , I will test your integrity tonight.

Rin : This is really heating up. I wonder how he will torment Gamafuki after he has already been through so much.

Roxanne : I hope its not another date because I already have an admirer.

Red Dragon : The stipulation I am making for you tonight Gamafuki is if you win your match tonight you will have to do community service around this arena next week.

Rin : Ha , that sounds like he has Gamafuki in a bind. I wonder if he will throw the match so he does not have to do this community service thing.

Red Dragon : Lets say you do win , then you must do the community service around the arena before your next fight or you will be fired. Remember Gamafuki that I am the boss , and you brought this on yourself.

Red Dragons music begins to play as he leaves to go backstage. Gamafuki looks baffled as he turns to face Matt Massacre. Gamafuki then stretches a bit then prepares to engage Matt Massacre with a more determined look. The two come to the center of the ring and wait for the match to begin.


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