Furture Hitman?

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Furture Hitman?

Post  The Hitman Chirs on Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:31 am

The Hitman Chirs seems to be in a good mode to day, from red giving him what he wont an that was a chance at the title but he wonders who he facing, so he goes to the Referee but gets no answers from him then he walks to the snack bar an runs into Tory Summers

The Hitman Chirs
:Please don't tell me you trying to get a interview? I'm really busy so don't have time.

Rin:I think he be at least more nicer to everyone from his shot he got today.

Roxanne:let me tell you this there a difference from shot an chance. He got a chance not a shot, because a shot will be a title match. Red gave him a chance so he can prove his stuff for the title.

Rin: Shhh,Tory got something to say

Tory Summers:No it's not a interview, I just came here to eat something. Well, while we here lest talk about you shot you got from Red earlier tonight?

The Hitman Chirs turns from Tory summers an get a bottle of water from the snack bar

The Hitman Chirs:I can tell you this what ever Red give me I will make gold out of it now!! All I ever wanted was respect an a chance. Now I got it,so I going to get ready for my match.

Tory Summers:One more thing before you live? What do you think about your opponents?

The Hitman Chirs:I don't know who they is but I know for sure I going to wrap some ass!!!

The Hitman Chirs walks away from Tory summers an throws his water bottle at her

Roxanne:I love this kid, he got the look an the talent. Cant wait to see what will happen!!

Rin:You my love him but I can say he have not climb up the ladder like anyone else so far.

Roxanne:Who cares his the future, you better start liking him he be here a long time.
The Hitman Chirs
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