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Kurt in the hospital Empty Kurt in the hospital

Post  edl on Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:33 pm

The crowd is waiting for someone to come out from the backstage and go inside the ring. But instead the the arena goes dark and the screen turns on. The crowd starts cheering as they see Kurt Angle laying on his hospital bed with an injured shoulder and a bruised up arm and leg and Tory Summers standing next to him with her camera man.

Tory Summers: I am here with Kurt Angle, who injured his shoulder during the ladders match against Dangerous. Kurt, can you tell us when exactly you injured it?

Kurt is laying there with an angry look on his face.

Kurt: I am not supposed to be here! I am not injured badly, I can still wrestle!

Kurt lifts his arms with anger and hits his injured arm against his leg on accident and screams in pain.

Kurt: DAMN IT!

Tory Summers: Well, Red Dragon said that you have to be here or else you will not wrestle for the rest of the season. Now lets get back to the question Kurt.

Kurt sits up.

Kurt: Screw Red Dragon!

Tory Summers: Kurt please calm down, you don't want the doctor to put you to sleep for the rest of the day, do you?

Kurt Angle starts calming down and lays back down on his hospital bed.

Kurt: OK, I got injured in the first 10 minutes of the match when the ladder fell on me but I still continued to fight even though it hurt. I would of beat Dangerous if it wasn't for the injury. I should be the number one contender right now! The only reason I am in the hospital is because of the ladders match, I mean ladders aren't my thing but submission matches are. If it was a submission match then I would of won in like 2 minutes.

Tory Summers: But you yourself said that you were glad that it was a ladders match.

Kurt: Well, I didn't really mean it.

Kurt's face turns serious and then angry.

Kurt: This is all The Fallen Angel's fault! Man, I hate that stupid weirdo! I will get my revenge, even if I have to go through Red Dragon and his weak security guards!

Kurt turns to the camera.

Kurt: You hear that Dangerous!? I'm coming for you!

Tory Summers: Kurt, please calm down. It's not all Dangerous' fault.

Kurt: Yeah, you are right. It's also Red Dragon's fault; he wanted me to be in the ladders match against Dangerous, they both planned it!

Tory has a worried look on her face.

Tory Summers: I didn't mean that...I mean it's not Red Dragon's fault.

Kurt: Then whose fault is it!?

Tory Summers:Well... maybe...it's your fault, I mean you said you could beat anyone anytime and anywhere and Red Dragon was only testing you against Dangerous, he wanted to see if you could beat him.

Kurt: MY FAULT!!

Kurt starts starts yelling really loud and the nurse runs in the room to see what's going on.

Nurse: Is everything okay here?

Kurt: IS EVERYTHING OK!! Can't you see I'm in a hospital bed and I can't wrestle! I'm getting out of here!

The nurse runs out of the room while Kurt stands up from his hospital bed and then 4 security guards run in the room and the screen goes black.

Later on that night after Kurt settled down a bit.

Kurt Angle is laying down calmly on his hospital bed with a bruise on his face.

Tory Summers: Now Kurt when do you think you will be back in the ring?

Kurt: Sooner than you all think and I will get my revenge against Dangerous. Hey, what's going on over there anyway?

Tory Summers: Well, tonight Dangerous will wrestle against Cash Conners and Justin for the two belts.

Kurt: Man, that's supposed to be me against Cash and Justin. Well if Dangerous wins the belts, which I doubt, but if he does then my revenge will be even better because I will beat up the champ and who knows maybe I will get the two belts and become champ. When I come back I will be a lot better and train even harder so whoever wins the match better watch out.

Tory Summers: Well Kurt it's been nice talking to you but I have to go. I hope you get better.

Kurt: I'm already better, bye.


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Kurt in the hospital Empty Re: Kurt in the hospital

Post  Dangerous on Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:16 pm

Before the camera goes black the doctor steps into the hospital room and looks at Kurt. His face an head is covered and his voice muffled from the covering.
Docter: How're you doing Mr Angle. Everythong in tip top shape.
The doctor ask asks as he pulls out a needle sticking it into the already inserted arm injecter.

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