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Shogun adresses his situation Empty Shogun adresses his situation

Post  Shogun on Tue Feb 09, 2010 4:05 am

The lights go out in the arena and when they turn on Shogun is in the ring with a mic in his hands wearing his hooded robe though the hood is off this time still looking depressed from last week the crowd is ecstatic to see him

Roxanne:I guess Shogun decided to stay in BTWE after all.

Rin:Well he loves wrestling and he loves BTWE he is a warrior at heart like you have said many times Shogun obviously isnt 100% but hes here and he won his qualifier last week to get into the torture chamber , a playground for Shogun.

Shogun paces around the ring for a moment listening to the crowd chant his name before speaking

Shogun:It appears I was victorious in my qualifying match last week to get my shot at The Black Thorn Title in the chamber...

The crowd roars in approval

Shogun:I am now forced to stay in BTWE as I would never take a match away from my fans even if I have failed them recently.

Rin:Shogun is still disappointing in himself obviously.

Shogun:Raven you inspired me to keep going on the worst night of my career last week...I thank you for your encouragement I know i did not respond to it other than winning my match but I can assure you that I have the utmost appreciation for you, you had no reason to come out and say anything to me why you could have gotten away with insulting me and it would not have been unfounded...

The crowd cheers in gratitude

Shogun:You saved my career but you did not get rid of my problem I will not pretend that kind words from someone who I really do not know at all can heal my wounded heart.

Roxanne:I really feel for Shogun here nothing could have hurt him more than what Anne did to him.

Shogun:I will fight for the title but I make no guarantees that I can hold myself back because I REFUSE TO LOSE THIS MATCH!

The crowd erupts in cheers again

Shogun:This match his far to important for me to give up my spirit I have dreamed of winning a world title since I was very young and it means even more because it is for the most important title in wrestling today for the greatest show in wrestling history!

Shogun:I started my career in BTWE and now I will go to the highest point in the industry the Black thorn champion!

Rin:Shogun is pumped!

Shogun:Raven be prepared because I will come at full force problems of the heart will happen after the match but I am focused now on fulfilling my dreams at last!

The lights go out in the arena and when they turn on Shogun is gone and a black rose is left in the ring

Roxanne:Wow Shogun is re focused for this match he is not done mourning but he wont let it ruin his lifelong dream!

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