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Post  The Hitman Chirs on Thu Feb 11, 2010 8:57 pm

A titration with amazing fireworks light up the dome, an a men walks down to the ring with a mic in his hand with a jacket what says "Knock out King" , he goes into the ring a looks into the crowd, while the crowd goes crazy an chants Ricky.

Rin:Is that who I think it is?

Roxanne:I don't know who you talking about but that's Ricky Bobby, the Knock out King!

Rin:I know who it is but why his here. His a famous boxing champ!

Roxanne:Shh h, his about to talk.

Ricky Bobby:Wow, this crowd is going wild about "Ricky The Knock Out King". I didn't think this would be like this when I came to BTWE to wrestling. I didn't just do it for that I wont to confront some one who I know an who I trained with when I was young so Red J. Get your ass out here.

:Is this about to happened because I really wont to see this.

Roxanne:Confront Red J, for what because I don't really know.

Ricky Bobby:Get out here now, an The Hitman Chirs get out here two I'll confront you both at the same time about our past. Because you all don't know me an there history because red J not only last time you hit me with a cheap shot. Not a hit, a chair over a cup of water that he didn't get.Chirs you also think you can get away with what you done. You all don't know how badly he injured me with a metal bat. Almost ended my career so I wont you both out here now!

The lights shut off an The Hitman Chirs comes down the ramp with a mic an his hand.

The Hitman Chirs
:I know what I did to you, all I wont to say is sorry about it all because not only I regret it I sorry for all I did to you. Not, you think I care about you an what happened. So how about you just quit what you trying to do because it wont happened to me.

The crowd chants Ricky Ricky, an he puts the mic to his hand.

Ricky Bobby
:I'll make you care about when I wrap your ass now so get ready to get knock the hell out. But wait I wont Red J out here now, for I can confront him then wrap his ass an yours all up on this floor.

The crowd chants Red J name
The Hitman Chirs
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