A Chat With Super Sommer

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A Chat With Super Sommer

Post  Sommerlund on Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:04 am

Tory Summers is backstage with one of the newest signings of BTWE, Sommerlund.

He looks incredibly tensed and his face shows it, even behind his dark mask.

Tory: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here backstage with one of BTWE's newest signing, Sommerlund. Now Sommerlund, can you tell us all what you plan to do here?
Sommerlund tenses even more and tries to relax himself. He pulls of his mask and begins to talk.

Sommerlund: I am here in BTWE for one reason. And that reason is to create a new era! I will make my way to the top of the BTWE roster and begin a new era! The Era of Sommerlund!

Tory: Those are some big plans there, Sommerlund. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Sommerlund: Yes. And that thing is that I want the Black Thorn Title! Or well, any title actually. I don't mind, I just like the gold. I hope the Silver Thorn Title isn't silver though. Silver's for losers. Gold is the way to go. That's why I don't understand why Black Thorn is a major title and not Gold Thorn. Gold is better than anything else! So I want...

Tory: Well, Sommerlund, I don't know where you came from, but here in BTWE, you've got to EARN your titles. And it's not gonna be easy, as BTWE has an incredibly talented roster.
Sommerlund: Maybe so, but this plan to create a new era in BTWE will not, I repeat, not, go down the garbage disposal. And step numero uno for that plan is to successfully win the Silver Thorn Title. And I ain't gonna stop till I get what I deserve.

Tory: Those are strong words there. Anything else you want to add?

Sommerlund: Yes. Two things, in fact. I'm looking for sponsors in BTWE, for my new comic production: The Adventures of Super Sommer! Starring yours truly: Super Sommerlund! I'm planning big too! Not only will comics be the end of it, movies too! Yeah, movies!

Tory: I'm not sure if anyone actually wants to see you on the big screen, Sommerlund...

Sommerlund: Oh please! I'm already on TV! It's just a matter of time, baby! Just a matter of time...

Tory: And your second statement?

Sommerlund: Tory Summers... Do you have a boyfriend?

Tory: ... Why... Yes I do. I do have a boyfriend.

Sommerlund: Good. Because you deserve one.

Tory: Um... Thank you? And thank you for your time, Sommerlund. I'll be looking forward to see you in action.

Sommerlund nods and walks off. The camera follows him away and he pulls out a notepad. The camera zooms in the notepad to see that there is a tally chart, divided in to two sections: "ACCEPTED" and "REJECTED". He adds one tally to the "REJECTED" section.

Sommerlund: So that's eight rejected, and none accepted... Wow I'm bad at getting girls.

The camera fades to black as Sommerlund sighs in exasperation.

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