Eskara interview

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Eskara interview

Post  shadowcallahan on Mon Nov 30, 2009 3:15 pm

*The camera fades from black to show Tory Summers backstage awaiting to conduct an interview

Tory: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time Eskara Takahashi.

*Eskara Takahashi enters the view of the camera wearing what appears to be traditionial Japanese Noble attire.

Tory: Eskara, How does it feel to be here in the great BTWE?

Eskara: I have heard stories about this company from a friend about the Legendary BTWE. It is a company that defines professional wrestling and all it stands for. Legends are made, Dreams have been broken, but no matter what BTWE will stay with you for eternity. Those are the words bestoed upon me by my friend.

Tory: And who is this friend your talking about?

Eskara: He wrestled here along time ago and went by the name of Shadow Callahan.

Tory: If anyone remembers Shadow Callahan, they know what he did in BTWE. Are you going continue what he started here?

Eskara: No. One Man's Legacy is his own and No one shall take his pride by tarnishing it.

Tory: So what do you hope to accomplish here in Black Thorn?

Eskara: My Own Legacy. A Legacy built on Pride and Honour. You see i have come from Japan where we take pride in wrestling. Many Great and Noble competitors have left their origins to built careers. And my career has only just begun. I will forge a Legacy from the Pain i will bestow upon my opponents.

Tory: So you are like the new shadow callahan?

*Eskara stares angrily at tory

Eskara: I do not have an alcohol problem but our goals similar to be the best in the business. He inflicted Pain through slamming people into the mat and assaulting them with weapons. I specialise in the technical art of submission to leave a more impactful message on my opponents.

Tory: I dont see much of a difference.

Eskara: That is because your eyes have been strouded with the mist that covers this company. That mist is Egotisity. And i will not falter in it. Sayonara

*Eskara walks out of view from the camera

Tory: Well that was an interesting interview.

*Camera fades to black.


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