Runaway (First show Rp.)

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Runaway (First show Rp.)

Post  White Rhino on Mon Nov 30, 2009 5:58 pm

You are located in a dark environment... Can not see anything through the darkness... There is no sound... No light... Only you... As you think of memories of your past...

"I have once fought... I have once faced death... I have once been a gladiator of the colosseum... I have worked the slave fields... Have watched them kill my family... I plan to revenge the death of my loved ones..."

The sound of water dripping breaks the silence of the environment.

"They plan to take me out next... I need to find a place to run... A place to call home... Somewhere I can train..."

Footsteps are heard in the distance.

"I have one shot at this... I refuse to let this happen... Ever since the war... Things have changed... I can not let them control me... I can not let them take away my freedoms... They say the king is rising... They say we will bring peace... Yet why do I only see war? Why must people die for the cause? This makes little since... I need to rebel... Find a group of fighters... Whom will stand by my side..."

The footsteps become louder, closer, and with quicker haste.

"They are almost here... This is my chance... I have been raised here my entire life... I know nothing of the outside world... What is beyond the walls in which they have enslaved me?"

The footsteps come to a full stop as voices are now heard.

Unknown Voice: "Open the door."

Unknown Voice: "Aye Sir."

A loud screaching noise is heard as you notice a small opening of light in which seems to grow wider.

"The timing needs to be perfect... If this is not done right all the planning will have been for nothing."

The small opening of light now has turned into a door way in which two men are noticed standing. One man is wearing a uniform with silver markers on both sides of the color... As the other is wearing what seems to be a military uniform though the patern and colors are unique and stand out. The man wearing the silvers markers brings himself to walk your way as he glares into your eyes.

Unknown Man: "So you are the one they fear? You are the one they warned me about? You don't seem like much."

"Only if he knew... Only if I was not in these chains... Only if he seen me the night I killed another just like him with my hands..."

The man walks towards you and starts to unlock the chains in which keep you binded to the wall. The man finally releases the final chain in which was binding your legs as he attempts to grip you... You quickly grab him forcing him down on the ground as the man in the uniform attempts to pull his 9mm out... You then duck into the darkness in which they have trapped you in for years as the man attempts to locate you... The dripping water begins to thump heavily as the tension in the room builds the soldier quickly turns towards where the leak is located giving you the shot you need as you are on the opposite side of the room... As the soldier turns you quickly move behind him grabbing his neck in a sleeper type hold as you quickly choke the man out... With both man knocked out you make great haste by snatching both there weapons and quickly leaving the room... As you are running things suddenly go black out...

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