Red Dragon Jr Pre-Match

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Red Dragon Jr Pre-Match

Post  KamiKazie44 on Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:16 am

Camera slowly gets closer to a man, looks young, tall and ripped. Only see the back of him as he lifts a shirt over his head and puts it on. Unpacking his bag he throws his shoes on the floor and hangs up a few different attires that seem to be his wrestling gear. He pulls out a big book, seems to be a note pad to keep things in it. He turns around as the Camera man stands there.

Red Dragon Jr: Who are you?

Camera Man: I'm.. Uhh.. Steve. Just one of the few camera men around here...

Red Dragon Jr: Come closer...

Steve comes closer slowly, kinda scared.

Lift the camera up, do your job!

He listens and stays still.

I am the son of the so called "great" Red Dragon!

The fans chant his father's name.

SHUT UP! I want to get this straight! I am NOTHING like my father! He is nothing compared to what I will be! All he is... Is a washed up has-been! He thinks he is cool because he gets your peoples approval of what he does! What he does is just make you BUY tickets and merch and make him richer! He doesn't care about you people!

Jr is heavily being boo'd from the whole crowd as he smirks.

You think he actually cares when he is only trying to make money! You might all love him and respect him for nothing! But I damn well deserve your respect! I will be the best of the best in BTWE! There is NO ONE here who can beat me! And tonight, right now, I will prove that! Chris Storm, you are NOTHING compared to me!

Now get out of here, my match is up next and I got to get ready!


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