The Irish Dream has arrived

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The Irish Dream has arrived

Post  The Creater of Greatness on Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:49 am

*In through the parking lot door comes’ a young and unfamiliar face. The crowd of people there seems to have no idea who he is. He is far down from where the camera is but as he gets closer you can see he is wearing a green faded out Ireland Rugby shirt, light blue jeans and some white Air Force Ones. You can hear one person ask him who he is.

Fan: Who the hell is this guy?

*The man turns around and speaks with an Irish accent and a gleam in his eyes.*

Man: I am Cash Conners and I am to fight. And fight Gary Barnes tonight I will. I hear titles may come in play for me and I am ready.

Fan: Well, well Cash Conners we will see how you do tonight.

*Cash winks at the man and turns back toward the camera*

Cash: Mr. Barnes I may be young and unknown but after tonight, you will see what Irish eyes have in store for you.

*Cash Conners the young 18 yr old Originally from Boston, Mass walks away with high hopes of a title shot to show the world what he can do.*
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