An Interview with "The Fallen Angel"

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An Interview with "The Fallen Angel"

Post  Dangerous on Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:07 pm

Dangerous is seen walking in the Hallway as Tory Sommer spots him with the camera man and calls his name.

Tory: Dangerous! Dangerous! Can I have a few questions with you?

Dangerous at her call tuns around and smiles walking towards her. He has on his wrestling pants of white, black, and the blueish-purple color (as the lights) with an unk symbol on the side of each leg. His shirt is white and blueish-purple with the design of black wings on his back. His gloves are white and blueish-purple. His snow white hair is down long an silky. When he finally reaches Tory he knods his head at her.

Dangerous: Why of course Tory....but if you may make it swift. I have to meditate before my match.

Tory looks at the camera guy and knods her head at him to begin. She faces Dangerous and begins.

Tory: Hello BTWE this is Tory Sommers with a new recruit here known as Th Fallen Angel, Dangerous. First of all Dangerous I would like to welcome you to Black Thorn. Now for my first do you intend to make a impact here in BTWE with all the competition here on the show.

Dangerous looks at Tory as she hold the mic up to him. He gently takes it away from her and holds it himself.

Dangerous: I'm sorry Tory I wish to hold te mic myself if you don't mind. To answer your question I plan to make an impact by not pummeling my opponent, but trying my best to please the Followers of Heaven in the arena and give it my best in every fight. The roadway may be tough and the clouds meak, but I shall conquer them. And you other question?

Tory holds the mic up to her lips while grasping Dangerous's hand.

Tory: Do you expect that you are the most qualified to hold a title here in BTWE...and do you think like all the others that you are the top dog. If so what type of mayhem are you going to give your opponent. There must be somethng you want from being here.

Dangerous looks a little baffled at this question and then hold the mic up to his mouth.

Dangerous: I in a way I do think that I am one of the most qualified for one of these titles. I do however not think I am better than anyone. I am simply a brave sparrow among hungry eagles. They may try to make me their prey, but I shall never give up without a fight. Bloodwill be spilled here Tory, and many will walk down Hell's Path...but this is fault of their own. There is only retribution or being dead while living. Choose your path wisely for it can make or break you. Thank you for your time Tory.

Dangerous steps into her face really closely and looks deeply into her hazel eyes with his grayish-white ones. She tenses a little and then relaxes as he places his hand gently under her chin.

Dangerous: Mmm. And I expect to see a lot more of you around here Ms. Sommers. A whole lot more.

Dangerous gives her a wink and then turns and walks away. As she stays there somewhat in a passion trance. The camera then fades to black.

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