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The camera turns on and we see Tory Sommer, the BTWE interviewer, with Kurt Angle.

Tory: I am here with Kurt. Kurt can i ask you some questions?

Kurt: Sure, why not?

Tory: Well you are a new wrestler here at BTWE and I would like to know what you think about this fed.

Kurt: I am glad to be part of this good and legendary fed. The GM, Red Dragon, is a great person and I think I already became friends with him. However, his son, Red Dragon Jr., is someone i would love to beat up and break his ankle. The rest of the wrestlers here aren't as good as i am so i think i could take out everybody here. Overall, i am happy to be here and i am planning on being champ here.

Tory: What do you think about your opponent for the opening show, Zoe?

Kurt: Well, i am not sure what to think because i never fought a women before. But i am willing to take out anybody that is in my way of getting the championship, even if that person is a women. I would hate to beat up a women, but i still have to do it.

Tory: O.K., one more question: What do you think your future is in this fed?

Kurt: like i said, i want to be champ and beat everyone here.

Tory: O.k. Kurt that will be all, thank you for your time.

Kurt: My pleasure.

The screen goes black.


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