And a title match is set

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And a title match is set

Post  The Creater of Greatness on Sat Dec 12, 2009 1:22 am

*The camera turns from dark to showing a man sitting in a chair as if his mind was concentrating on something. As the man lifts his head from his hands you see it is Cash Conner and he is getting ready for his match against Stone Cold Gary Barnes. As Cash is lacing up his boots there is a knock at the door.*

*Bang Bang Bang*

Voice: Mr. Cash Conners.

*Cash stands up and ventures towards his locker room door.*

Cash: Yeah, who is it.

*Cash gets to the door and as he opens it he sees a man with a white letter envelope in his hand*

Man: Mr. Conners I have a letter here for you from the G.M.

*Cash gets a confused look on his face as the man hands him the envelope and turns and walks away*

Cash: What in the hell could the boss want from me.

*Cash walks back to his chair and rips open the envelope*

Cash: Dear Mr. Conners
I have heard a lot of props coming from big name people in Ireland about you. Well we will see if the hype is what they say. I have as of tonight made your match against Gary Barnes, a title match for the Silver Thorn title.
Thank You.
G.M. K

*As Cash finishes the letter the smile on his face is like none he has ever had before.*

Cash: The world will soon see what talent I have.

*Cash then finishes up getting dressed as the cam fades out*
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