Arrival...and an Entry Guarded

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Arrival...and an Entry Guarded

Post  Dangerous on Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:15 am

The security guard is standing beside the door arms crossed and very aware of his surroundings. He had been in this fed. before and knows mostly all things that happens within it. He's pretty confident that he is one of the toughest guys here even though he dosen't wrestle. The parking lot has not been very full today and luckily there have been no altercations. He spoke aloud to no one but himself.

Security Guard: Its nice to be back here at good ole Black Thorn. It's been along time since I've had passion for my job like I do now.

As he finishes his last words the lights in the parking lot blow out as if there was a short in the electric wiring. There is nothing but pure darkness for five seconds and then the lights come back on. The Security Guard can be seen walking up from the door cautiously looking somewhat shocked.

Security Guard: What the Hell was that? This place is brand new and already we're having da...

He cuts his sentence short as he sees a figure about twenty feet away from him standing in the middle of the parking lot that had not been there before. The Security Guard raised his hand over his head and strained his eyesight trying to see if it was a dilusion. The figure than began to walk forward at a slow steady pace towards the door and the guard guarding it. Shocked that he wasn't seeing things he shouted at the figure.

Security Guard: Who are you? Where in Hell did you come from?

His breathing became slightly shallowed and he was somewhat tense but would not allow it to be shown. The guard kept completely quite as the figure stood but six feet in front of him. He is hooded and cloaked so that nothing on him is see. The guard scans over the symbols and colors of his attire. It is blueish-purple, white, black and silver with unks on the left and right front sides of the cloak and one huge black and blueish-purple on his back. His hood also has one silver unk on the forehead area with blueish-purple and black streaks going to the back of it.

Security Guard: Who are you and what do you want?

The security guard speaks to the figure while stepping directly in front of the door and folding his arms. The figure lifts his head slightly but still nothing can be seen within the hood. He speaks.

Figure: Entry is mine. Thou shall be granted the right. Dangerous.

His voice is somewhat angelic and soothing to the ear, but yet Wolfe is still confused and cautious of him.

Security Guard: What? I dont understand what you mean? Listen I dont think you belong here. Im gonna have to ask you to leave or I might have to force you to.

Dangerous: Entry is mine Wolfe...may I pass? Dangerous is my name...I am new to Black Thorn.

Wolfe is all of a sudden totally freaked out by the figure, now known as Dangerous, by him knowning what his name was without him even telling him or any identification.

Wolfe: HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW MY NAME? I havn't gotten any word of you so you need to leave. Get Away From Here NOW.

At his sudden rise in voice and temper, Dangerous steps up to Wolfe way past his comfort zone and lays a hand upon his shoulder which Wolfe cringes slightly from the touch of. He then speaks to him in a calm, tame voice.

Dangerous: If you would please. It would be wise for you to lower your voice guard. I would not want to make an enemy with me just entering the utter mightyness of this federation. If you are curious of me, then maybe you should ask your boss for a list of new recruits. It would make your job much easier.

Wolfe looks at Dangerous for awhile long and hard, but after a while noticed he was just staring at the Unk on his hood. He then steps aside and tilts his head to the door.

Wolfe: Alright Dangerous, I'll let you pass...but if I find out your lying to me there will be Hell to pay.

Dangerous steps forwards owards the door and opens it, but before entering he turns his head slightly towards Wolfe.

Dangerous: Thank you Wolfe. Heaven's Pier will be your guide. Oh...and I doubt I would suffer Hell. I've walked down Hell's Path many times before.

At that Dangerous enters the building leaving Wolfe looking a little puzzled. He finally strugs it off and sets a nearby chair in front of the door taking a seat.

Wolfe: Wow. Well this is gonna get way more interesting I can tell. It's good to be back.

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