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Ending Show

Post  KamiKazie44 on Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:19 pm

Camera turns to the ring with the General Manager in the ring. Fans cheering and chanting his name as well as Black Thorn.

Rin: What a show. What a main event. New Champion, "Enter after"! He/She holds the Black Thorn around his/her waist now and stands tall over the whole BTWE locker room.

Roxanne: This was one HELL of a show, Rin. Can't complain at all. Black Thorn Wrestling Entertainment is back in action! Now, seeing how Red Dragon is in the ring, lets see what he has to say before we go off air.

Red Dragon looking around the arena, sold out, packed and everyone screaming and on their feet.

Red Dragon: How did you all enjoy the show?!

They go nuts, screaming louder and throwing their signs up so they can be seen on television.

Red Dragon: We crowned three champions. All put on one hell of a match! Next week, the Gold Thorn and Black Thorn will be on the line. Also as I said, Shogun vs my son in a hardcore match for the main event! That might teach my son a thing or two.

Rin: Two titles on the line next week as well as that big hardcore match for our main event.

Red Dragon: We will be in Toronto, Ontario, Canada next week for our second show of black Thorn. Would like to see you all there. Also, I would like to thank every one of you here who came and supported us! Some of our Black Thorn Superstars will be appearing in the public parking lot and giving autographs to you all. About 10 I think.

Roxanne: There will be lots waiting in the parking lot for them. This will be crazy trying to get out now.

Rin: Indeed.

Red Dragon: I'd like ---

Lights flicker, cutting Red off. Seconds later, they stop as Jr is standing in front of the ring. Red rolling his eyes as the fans boo him. Jr slides into the ring, holding a mic and smirks.

Jr: Surprised to see me again dad?

Red Dragon: What the ---

Jr: Don't cut your son off... that's just rude. I just wanted to come out here and listen to you thank these so wonderful fans here. How they made everything possible... How they are the reason why this is all up and running... Everything you said is a load of Shit! How you got these people to listen to you and like you... No idea how you did it, but you did a good job.

Red Dragon: What are you getting at? I do what I got to do to run this company! I do what these fans want! I put on shows where this fans will like and want to continue coming to our shows and watching at home! Everything we do here is for them!

Jr: Blah blah blah... Listen, folks.. My dad does not care about you... None of you, he is only doing it to get his money to pay for his bills, his girls, his cars, everything is all about the money to him.

Red Dragon: Are you kidding? This show alone can pay for everything of mine for many months! Now, if you got anything else to cry about, please, do now.

Jr: Yes... I do got one more thing to "cry" about... I want a title match! Next week! So change my match with Shogun to face our Black Thorn Champ!

Red Dragon: *Smiling* You wish son, you will be facing Shogun and it will have no title on the line. Work hard enough like the people who do deserve it and maybe I'll give you your chance!

Jr is now face to face with his father, angrily, as he than smacks Red in the face.

Rin: Oh my god! Did he...

Roxanne: Yes he did... Look at Red... He is furious.

Red Dragon turns his head back slowly over at his son,the smile off his face and red in his eyes. Moments later he grabs his son by the neck, lifting him a little off his feet.

Red Dragon: You think you can ---

This is where you join Kabuto


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