Some Words With Raven

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Some Words With Raven

Post  Raven Connoly on Wed Feb 10, 2010 1:25 am

Tory Summers is backstage, she see's Raven Connoly heading for the ring curtain and stops her.


Tory Summers: Raven, do you mind if I ask you a few questions.

Raven Connoly: No problem, but make it quick, I have a match about to start.

Tory: Well, you successfully defended your Title last week against BlaZe WuNn in what could almost be described as a squash match, what are your thoughts on the match?

Raven: Hey, Blaze is a great competitor who got dealt a bad hand the past few weeks. He wasn't 100% last week and I know that, he did his best, but he was still hurting. It was a title match, I can't go easy on an opponent no matter what condition he's in when the title is on the line. However, when Blaze is back to 100%, he can have another go at the title.

Tory: What about RDJ and Shogun's qualifying matches last week, they both lost, any thoughts on that.

Raven: I hated to see that, I was looking forward to going up against them, it would have been a great match, that's for sure. They both have matches tonight, that originally where also to be qualifying matches, maybe if they win those, RD will still grant them a title shot, he's the boss, it's his choice. Like I've said before, I'll take all challengers, I'm here to prove why I'm the Black thorn Champion, and to put on the best show I can for these fans.

Tory: Rumor has it the former Black thorn Champion, Joe Bow, is back, what do you want top say to him.

Raven: As far as I'm concerned my business with Joe is done, he got what he deserved, and I'm glad I got to be the one who took his ill gotten belt. If Joe has any issues with me, he knows where he can find me.

Tory: Well what about...,

Raven: Sorry Tory, got to get to my match, another time.


Raven tosses the Black Thorn Title over her shoulder and runs off down the hallway towards the arena.
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