Interview with Femme Fatales

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Interview with Femme Fatales

Post  Xellence on Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:06 am

Anne Marie: Hi everyone! Great to welcome you all to the return of Black Thorn Wrestling. I'm Anne Marie and I'm about to introduce you to a pair of our new talents here at BTWE.

~She comes to a door with a Femme Fatales logo on it and knocks. Misty Meaner opens the door.~

Anne Marie: Hi! I'm Anne Marie! You're Misty Meaner!

Misty: I am.

Anne Marie: Can I come in and talk to you for a minute?

Misty: Sure you can, sweetheart. Come on in and sit down.

~Misty sits on a folding chair and beckons Anne Marie to sit down. From the left steam billows out of the running showers.~

Anne Marie: First of all, welcome to BTWE.

Misty: Nice to be here.

Anne Marie: Tonight you're debuting against Sommerlund.

Misty: Right. The ninja doctor. ~she rolls her eyes~

Anne Marie: It seems like you don't think much of him.

Misty: I don't. Sommerlund is just the first step on my way to the top of this company. We'll meet, I'll win. End of the story.

Anne Marie: Well I must say it's nice to see a strong, confident woman on the roster!

Misty: You want to see real strength, you need to meet my partner. Yo!

~Anna Ballic comes out of the shower with a towel barely covering her unmentionable areas.~

Anna: What?

~Anne Marie looks puzzled.~

Anne Marie: Oh, I'm sorry. ~she checks her notes~ I didn't realize this was a mixed tag team.

Misty: What did you just say?

Anne Marie: I thought you were a women's tag team. That's what it says in my notes.

Misty: ~shaking her head~ Oh, you people... you'll never learn.

~Anna Ballic charges and knocks Anne Marie off her chair. She towers over the trembling interviewer.~

Anna: I'm all woman, you little *BEEP*! You want to see!?

~Anna rips off her towel and the camera quickly shuts off before anything can be seen.~

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